Establishing a Morning Yoga Routine

With working on making myself healthier both mentally and physically, I have noticed that one crucial step on my journey has been establishing a morning routine. Morning routines get our day started on the right note, and often make us look forward to getting up in the morning instead of wanting to keep hitting the snooze button.

Everyone’s idea of health is different. For me, it is keeping in check with my mental and physical health, keeping in touch with my faith, and taking care of my mind, body, and soul. Establishing a morning routine that touched on all of these aspects was a challenge for me at first. But in doing so, I found that my days always are started on a peaceful and positive note.

Find what works for you, and do what you love. Every person is different. We have our own unique interests and passions. Embrace your own! For example, I like to pray in the morning. This may not sound appealing to others, but it is something that I place a great deal of value on. Started my morning in prayer helps me to keep in touch with my faith.

Another part of my morning routine that I love? Having a cup of coffee! I look forward to a warm mug of coffee and getting my day started with lots of caffeine. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, maybe try a nice hot cup of tea or some warm lemon water to get your day kick started. For me, having a warm drink and taking it a bit slower in the morning helps me to prepare myself for the business of the day to come.

Most days, I like to begin with a good sweat. Whether that is working out at the gym or doing yoga, I think that getting up and moving your body will, in turn, give you the energy to power through the day. What better time to workout than in the morning? And the gym is always emptier, so it’s a win win. I love having the time in the gym or on my yoga mat in the morning because it is time just for me. That 45 minutes per hour is the time for bettering myself. It is time to clear my head, to let out steam, and to refocus my brain.

Another thing I advise doing in the mornings is journaling. Writing down my intentions and goals for the day or the week is super helpful for me. It is able to keep me motivated and remember what I should be prioritizing. Starting my day by writing down things I am grateful for helps me to stay grounded in life and realize all of the blessings I do have, some of which I forget while in the midst of stress and busyness.

Routines take a while to develop, so give yourself some grace! Try different things to find what works for you, and remember that your routine may look different than someone else’s which is completely okay. With a routine you love, you won’t even be needing to hit that snooze button over and over again. You’ll genuinely look forward to starting your day and getting out of bed.

The Crow Pose

We all go to yoga classes and there’s that one girl who can do one-handed handstands and is brilliant at everything. Let’s face it; most newbies would be too afraid to try out something so dramatic. One of my happiest moments in a yoga class was when I finally pulled off the crow pose. I was balancing on my hands with nobody propping me up and I was holding it! Happy days! I’m going to attempt to explain how I finally did it and hopefully help you to do the same.

Please be aware that this pose is not recommended for pregnant ladies. Practicing this pose with any wrist or hand problems will also be difficult or even impossible for you. Only go as far as your body allows you to, you are responsible for your own yoga practice.

  1. So to begin, move the feet to a little wider than hips-width.
  2. Turn the toes out (at ten to two) and squat down. You should now look like a monkey that is eating.
  3. Extend your arms forward and plant your hands on the floor slightly in front of you.
  4. Spread the fingers. Your torso will move forward.
  5. Try to keep the back straight and lengthened, just rocking forward on the toes.
  6. Slightly bend your elbows and rest the inside of the knees against the outer edge of your upper arms. Come on to the balls of your feet.
  7. Now the key to this pose is to look about 12 inches in front of your hands on the floor. Remember this as we go onto the next stage. Do not look back!
  8. Slowly lift the right foot off the floor, pointing the toe. Feel your core engage. Hold this for a few breaths.
  9. Drop the right foot and try the same with your left. Make sure you point the toes.

Once you feel confident that you can lift both feet up separately, that you can feel the engagement of your core when you do this and when you can confidently hold your foot off the ground without looking behind you to see it, then you are ready to try both feet. So don’t jump into this, go one foot at a time. Don’t move the gaze. Look 12 inches in front of your hands. You’ll be surprised and hopefully as impressed as I was with myself when I suddenly flew. Fly Crow! You can do it!

Crow is a pose that is especially good for strengthening the arms as you are holding up your whole body weight. It is also amazing for strengthening those abdominal muscles contributing a stronger core. A strong core means a strong spine and this has so many health benefits (that I will go into another time). Wrist strengthening is also another big plus to this pose as is the improved sense of balance. As with all balances, concentration is a big thing so concentrate! Thanks for reading!