Easy Morning Skin-Care Routine

How do you take care of your face and skin the first thing you wake up? This routine is my favorite and it wakes up not only my body but my mind, too.

Mix your liquid powder solution with a little bit of revitalizing facial oil. This comes especially beneficial when you’re traveling, dehydrated or simply tired from not sleeping well. The combination gives your skin a morning boost. Even a simple message of the face feels good. These products just elevate it all.

Then, apply your sunscreen. No matter what the weather outside is, SPF protects your skin like no other product does.

Depending on how much makeup you wish to apply, you can mix some concealer with a foundation and gently apply the mixture to your face. Sometimes, it looks good to even see freckles, blemishes, and darker circles. They define who you are.

Don’t forget to also cone your lashes, add mascara and fill in and define your brows.

Dab some lip stain on your lips and you can use it on the cheeks and the eyelids as well.

( Don’t think too much about clothing. Here are great options for yoga leggings.)

What to do with your hair?

I like to wash it. It literally leaves me with a clearer head. But when there’s not enough time, dry shampoo will do its job as well. During the warmer months, it is even nice to go to bed with damp hair. Braid it, and when you let the braids out in the morning, your hair gets that beachy wave. You can even spritz some perfume to your hair, and you’re ready to go.

This seems fairly straight and easy, right? The routine actually starts the night before. It is how you dedicate your time to your body. It includes the types of products you use to wash your hair and your body, what lotions you apply, and how you scrub your skin, your face, and your body. The routine includes even how diligently you brush and floss your teeth.

How you choose to fall asleep is also part of the routine. It can be incomplete darkness with preferably a light calming scent in the air with a book in hand and away from electronics. You might not think of it, but all those things add to how rested you will be and how you will look in the morning.

Maybe it is the time to add to your routine a simple meditation or yoga flow either the last thing before bed or the first thing in the morning. Use meditations and their benefits at any time of the day. Incorporate bits and pieces from your calming practices to any other activity as well.

When things get hectic, mindfully breathe. Make a big inhale through your nose in a way that your belly fills up with air. Then, slowly exhale out through your mouth, making an easing sound. Moreover, releasing the sound from your lungs helps release any other tension from your body as your system is connected. So, don’t be scared of making noise. I understand that it might feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but its benefits should buy you to the other side.

Keep the belly breath flowing. Count to three on your inhales and then to five on your gentle exhales. Be mindful of the counts. Any time you find your mind wandering, return back to that count and focus only on how your breath fills up your lungs and belly and how it then releases all the stress and negativity and sheds it off.

I promise that little moments like these throughout the day will make your presence that much calmer and collected. In turn, you’ll feel more accomplished in a steady way and all your tasks will seem manageable. 

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