Yoga Breathing Techniques

Yoga is considered an exercise that helps improve the whole body and ensure that it is free of any vices and toxins. This is the reason that many people are attracted to yoga with the sole focus of achieving a healthier and leaner body. The general assumption that people have about yoga is it helps the body become flexible and helps muscles stretch. Many people are unaware of the fact that yoga helps in developing stronger lungs that help with the breathing practice of the individual as well. Controlled breathing can help your body in the following ways:

  • Better sleep.
  • Controlled heart rate.
  • Reduction in hypertension.
  • Improved oxygen flow in the body.
  • Increased attention span of the mind.
  • Better memory and brain functions.
  • Better and improved pain management

There are three basic yoga breathing techniques:

Bhramari-The bee breath

This helps the body relax and reduces stress from the mind. This breathing technique also helps reduce blood pressure. When blood pressure is reduced, the body is stress-free and ultimately the heart rate goes down. The only caution that should be taken when the bee breaths is being practiced is that the stomach should always be empty. A full stomach can affect the breathing in and breathing out processes and may cause a stomachache or vomit.

Kapal Bhati-Skull Shining breath

The concept behind this breathing technique is that a healthy, shiny forehead is the sign of a healthy body. This breathing technique brings the whole body into balance with proper energy flows and the flushing out of toxins from the body. The core focus of this function is the abdominal organs, and it also helps in improving the digestive roles of the body. It is advised that caution must be taken when performing this breathing technique. It should not be performed if a woman is pregnant or menstruating. People who have a slip disc injury, hernia other back-related issues should avoid this breathing technique. This breathing technique helps flush out toxins and increases the heart rate as the lungs breathe in and out quickly, thus fastening the pace of blood pumping through veins.

Bhastrika-Bellows breath

This breathing technique increases the energy flow of the body, boosts the digestive system, and increases the metabolism of the body. This breathing technique also helps in strengthening the nervous system and ensuring a healthy and supple body. Sometimes during the performance of the bellows breath, a person might feel light-headed, and then it is advisable that the individual should immediately hold down and start breathing slowly until the feeling passes. Bellows should not be performed by a person close to bed time as it might leave the body highly energized and cause problems in falling asleep. Due to quick breathing in and out the heart rate increases, but the breathing process balances out the frequency and the intensity of the heart rate, thus ensuring a healthy body. 

These breathing techniques help in enhancing the powers of the body and making sure that the organs work perfectly in synchronization.